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Shipping & returns


Cancellation of Contract/Return of Goods/Replacement of Defective Goods

              No contract may be cancelled once it is accepted by the seller and no goods may be returned save at the absolute discretion of the seller.

  In the event that the seller agrees to accept the return of non-defective goods such return will be on the following conditions:-

  The buyer must obtain a goods return number (RMA) from the seller which number must clearly be displayed on each parcel to be returned.  The goods must be returned in the manufacturer’s original packaging in unopened condition complete with any accessories, manual and other documentation.  Software packages must have the software seal intact. If these conditions are not complied with returned goods will be rejected.

 If in the opinion of the seller damage has been caused to the goods during transport from the buyer to the seller the buyer will remain liable for the full cost of the goods or at the discretion of the seller cost of remedying any damage.

 If the seller accepts the return of goods (other than on the grounds of defect) the seller reserves the right to make a handling and restocking charge of 25%.

              Any alleged defect in the goods must be notified to the seller within seven days of the date of delivery.  In the event that delivery is not refused and the buyer fails to notify the seller within the time stated no rejection of the goods will be accepted and the full purchase price shall be payable by the buyer.

              In the event that any valid claim is notified to the seller based on the goods delivered under the contract being defective the seller shall at their discretion be entitled to replace the goods free of charge or refund the buyer the price of the goods actually paid by the buyer and the seller shall have no further liability to the buyer.

              The buyer shall retain the goods in respect of which allegation of defect is made together with the original manufacturer’s packaging for a reasonable time to enable the seller or its agent to inspect the goods or to arrange for the goods to be collected from the buyer if the seller would so require.

              Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the seller no credit for return goods will be given in the case of goods returned other than by reason of defect.

              Goods ordered by customers other than those included in the seller’s sales catalogue will not be accepted for return save where specifically agreed in writing by the seller.