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2.4G E27 6W Wireless Milight Dimmable RGB/Warm White LED Light Expansion Bulb Lamp

The Mi-Light 6W E27 LED Light bulb offers a wide range of colours including warm white, on/off, dimmer control and also has different modes that can be controlled with either the Mi-Light remote control (sold separately) or any Smart device when the Mi-Light Controller (sold separately) is used with the Mi-Light App (Available FREE from the App Store). No extra wiring installation is required to have full control and this simple installation takes your home or office lighting management to the next level.
  • subtitles Product Description

    2.4G E27 6W Wireless Mi-light Dimmable RGB/Warm White LED Light Bulb Lamp

    Mi-Light RGBW will give you all colours including white. Mi-light is dimmable, colour changeable and has sequence modes. No extra wiring installation. Simple and convenient. With LED technology the power consumption is 20% of the traditional incandescent lamp. The lifespan of LED bulbs is over 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps.

    The Mi-Light E27 Bulb offers a variety of other options:

    • Has a choice of 1.6 million colours including warm white and night light mode from just one Mi-Light bulb
    • Can be remotely changed via a Mi-Light Remote Control (sold seperatly) or iOS or Android phone via a free app (search 'Mi-Light' in the App Store)
    • Mi-Light E27 bulbs fit like a regular E27 Bulb.
    • LED bulbs are more energy efficient than regular bulbs. The Mi-Light E27 is A-rated energy efficiency with a 50,000 hour lifespan.
    • Has a highly efficient light transmitting acrylic lens for a smoother and more even light distribution

    Why chose Mi-Light LED E27 over other light bulbs?

    LED bulbs are far superior to any other Standard E27 incandescent light bulb. LED bulbs offer a longer life span, lasting up to 50,000 hours compared to regular incandescent bulbs which only last up to 1,000 hours, which makes them cost effective. They consume 50 – 90% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and a more even distribution of light. Mi-Light LED bulbs are also Eco friendly, as no mercury is used, which results in producing little to no heat and no UV light. A Mi-Light remote control (sold separately) can be used to control your Mi-Light E27 bulbs from anywhere in the home, to change colours and dim bulbs from 1%-100%. The Mi-Light remote control can also be easily set up to use 4 zones to control multiple bulbs from just one remote. Alternatively, you could use a Mi-Light Wi-Fi controller (sold separately) to control Mi-Light bulbs with your iOS or Android Smart Device.


    • High quality Light transmitting Acrylic lens, making the light smoother and more even.
    • High quality LED Chip, allowing the lamp to endure an extremley long life span.
    • Professional LED driver, high quality module, for excellent performance, with no flickering.
    • Aluminium body for perfect cooling performance.
    • Standard fit.
    • Colour changing LED Lights ( 1.6 million colours including white )
    • Controllable with iPhone, iPads, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets ( Free apps available )
    • Brightness adjusting: 100%-1%
    • Remote distance(2.4G): at least 20 meters, with penetrating power.
    • Stylish design, easy operation
    • Energy-saving, environment-friendly, recyclable. Accordance with FCC, CE and ROHS
    • Input Voltage: 86-265V
    • Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • LED Power: 6W
    • Luminous Flux: Average 100 Lumens per Watt
    • Average Light Effect:75LM/W
    • Lifespan: 50000 Hours / 25 Years
    • PF: 0.65
    • Lamp Base: E27 Bayonet and B22 Options available
    • Max Diameter: 57mm
    • Net Weight/Bulb: 100g